Foam Alive (Blue) | 40g Pack | With Portable Carry Box | Reusable Stress Relief Sensory Sand | Water Soluable | Easy to Clean | Never Dries Out


Shipping Charge: ₹50

Magical kinetic sand not only provides hours of engagement but also relieves your day of stress.

  • Blue Colour - Add some bluey freshness to your palms.
  • Sensory Goodness - Touch it, Feel it, See it, this magical kinetic sand is so soft and has strong elasticity.
  • Skin Friendly - Try hard but it won't stick to your hands, skin, or clothes. It is non-greasy and gluten-free sand.
  • Water-Soluble - It can easily be immersed in water. After immersion, elasticity might disappear temporarily but after some time, it will take its original form.
  • Never Dries Out - Shape it, roll it, mold it, this Kinetic Sand never leaves its moisture.
  • Stress-Reliever - Get beach-like relaxation in your own comfort. This will surely relieve your day's stress and tiredness.
  • Hours of Engagement - Keep kids engaged for hours while learning about polymers and Non-Newtonian substances.
  • Creative Games - Mingle & stick it together with shapes like squares, circles, triangles & so on. Have fun!


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