Top 5 Tips to Travel with Kids

Posted On: 02/06/2022

Hot summer, cold drinks, comfy pajamas, and flip-flops, June has set the tone for summer trips. Whether you’re planning to go to the cool hilly region of Coorg or in Scotland of East, Shillong, or some international location, summer traveling always leaves you and your kids with happy and unforgettable memories. kids experience new places, cuisines, cultures, and of course quality family time. But traveling sometimes becomes a challenge with tiring schedules, heavy luggage, and cranky kids. Children getting bored in between journeys is obvious as they come out of their comfort zones, away from their school and friends. But with some quick tips and tricks, you can make your journey hassle-free. 

In this article, we will create a checklist to keep kids engaged during travel journeys. 


Art and Craft Activities all know how engaging art and craft supplies are for kids. Crayons, sketch pens, acrylic paint pens, and a lot of other craft stuff is available. But for traveling, you may opt for our silicone-made, reusable, and washable doodle mats. Our doodle mats are non-toxic and BPA free and can be used as dining mats in restaurants and in between the journey. It is available in pretty unicorn and animal design. It comes with 4 washable markers. 


Sticker Activities 

Sticker activities are another important and interactive essential to take on traveling. It help kids stay engaged for hours on a flight or train journey. Isn’t wonderful that kids will learn skills like puzzle solving, pattern & shape recognition, and hand-eye coordination while on the go. Scoobies sticker activities also let you colour along with stick by number. It is available in two designs; unicorn and Dinasour

Magnetic DIY Activities

Magnetic DIY games are entertaining and engaging all at once. It is often recommended for individual play. Let’s look at some travel-friendly magnetic toys & games. 

Scoobies' dinky Magno toys easily fit into a carrying bag and are so engaging to play with during travel journeys. It helps in refining motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape sorting. It comes with 3 different modes of light and magnets. It comes in crocodile, lion, and elephant shapes. Also, blocks, titles, and sticks are always useful to carry on staycations. 


Magnetic Writing Pads comes in handy with magnetic writing pads. How wonderful it is that kids can learn alphabets, numbers, patterns & doodles while traveling. Scoobies magnetic writing pads come in two shapes - circle (Scoo-Roo)  and square (Scoo-Magball Tab) with a magnetic stylus. It comes in different colours and audible click sounds. 




Travel looks are important, isn’t it? Scoobies Donut bags are a complete head-turner. It is available in 3 different styles - Wing-E, Sporty, and Space. Kids can easily carry it on flights as well. Apart from dinky bags, Scoobies also brings collapsable silicone water bottles, especially to help save space during travel journeys. 




Additional Travel Tips

  • Do not rush - It is always advisable to take some buffer time while traveling with kids to avoid hustle-bustle. Take care of your kid’s sleeping schedule & plan the journey accordingly. 
  • Avoid Overpacking - Do not overpack luggage and carry extra. Rather prioritize your essentials and do not forget to carry emergency medicine for headaches, allergies, or upset stomach. 
  • Communicate - Exploring new places, local languages & cultures is a good idea while traveling with children. Involve your kid in planning and introduce them to different famous cuisines, places & more while on the go. 
  • Keep Calm - Kids are cute little unpredictable beings. They go from being happy to cranky in no time. Keep calm & relaxed in those situations. 
  • Enjoy & Enjoy - Lastly, more than anything enjoy the vacation. Not everything needs to be perfect, little mess is always comforting. Take pictures, make memories and rejuvenate yourself. 


Final Words

We hope that Scoobies products & tips will help you on your next trip. Happy journey!