How Magnetic Toys are Beneficial for Kids

Posted On: 01/06/2022

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited,
whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress,
giving birth to evolution” 
Albert Einstein 

The above-mentioned quote captures the true essence of the word ‘imagination.’ Creativity and imagination walk hand-in-hand with intelligence. Theoretical knowledge will fade away with time but an ability to create & innovate will stay forever. Creative thinking is not something to learn but to explore and undoubtedly kids are born innovators, it just takes the right activities at the right age & time to nurture their creative juices. Modern-day parents are more conscious than before when choosing the right toys and engagement activities. Parents are no more interested in buying barbie dolls or racing car sets. This change puts pressure on the market to bring something new and knowledgeable for kids. This is the topmost reason that magnetic toys and DIY kits are getting popular in India and erstwhile. 


Why Magnetic Toys and Kits are getting popular?

  • Independent Playing - It is an accepted fact that in present-day nuclear families, both parents are busy and struggle to keep their children engaged. This DIY construction kit keeps little learners busy for hours till they succeed in creating a design they imagined. 


  • Price - Conventional toys like dolls or cars cost the same amount as Magnetic DIY toys & kits and parents feel that it is better to invest in toys that will yield some benefit than toys that only entertain kids and do not give any educational outcome. 


  • Long-Lasting - Toys like dollhouses or remote cars are wasted once any part/s is missing or there is any minor or major wear & tear. Magnetic kits come with long-lasting magnets and do not break easily and the set does not get hampered in case of missing pieces. 


  • Easy to Store & Carry - One of many reasons parents worry is that they have to sort their kid’s playroom again and again. These magnetic toys are easy to store and can be easily carried to any vacation or staycation destination. Scoobies magnetic kits often come in a plastic storage box for easy assembling. 


  • Kids Love it - Lastly, kids love creating their own DIY designs and always feel proud of their creations. 


Benefits of Magnetic Toys and Kits 


1. Less Screen Time 

Kids these days are born with media devices in hand. Whether it's about engaging kids during meal times or keeping kids entertained on vacations or long drives, parents often give them mobiles or tablets but what parents don’t realize is that in no time these temporary engagement tools will turn into kids’ biggest addiction. Whether it's about watching repetitive cartoons/series or scrolling social media aimlessly, tech devices take away kids’ major milestones. 


2.  Boost Problem-Solving Skills 

Whether it is a kid’s school report card or an adult’s curriculum vitae, problem-solving skills are always on top. Magnetic toys allow kids to create new designs & models and when they get stuck somewhere in the construction process, they use their imagination & intelligence to come out of it and create what they planned. The psychological process of getting stuck with a specific design or shape and a desire to create what kids’ imagined make them understand the real-world problems. 


3.  Shape Recognition 

In a typical mathematics class, students are taught about different geometric shapes and figures, and unquestionably most of the students lack in mathematics or often hate it. But learning playfully usually reflects in school report cards. That’s what the magnetic range aims to achieve through different shapes and 2D-3D constructions.


4. Colour Recognition 

Colour recognition is an important skill that helps kids to express themselves freely. These magnetic tiles and other kits come in many colours and are perfect to make kids familiar with colours. 


5.  Cognitive Development 

Cognitive development is no more an alien concept. Parents engage their kids in different brainstorming activities to make them think & experiment. That's exactly what magnetic toys do. It opens new areas of brain & skills development. Different magnetic shapes, colours, designs & patterns, gives kids a chance to introspect and realize their own thinking abilities. It also boosts kids learning skills such as memory power, vocabulary, creative thinking abilities and to think & explore the world around them. 


6.  Refines Motor Skills 

Old-age blocks and assembling them for hours made kids frustrated and instead of refining motor skills, those long hour sessions left kids devoid of motivation. But magnetic blocks and toys come with strong magnetism and help kids in easy stacking & construction.


7. Improves Concentration Power 

With magnetic toys in the house, every day adds to kids' brain & skills development. DIY 2D-3D construction allows children to come up with new design ideas and stay focussed till it is achieved. 

Building an imagined design will give kids a sense of accomplishment and pride and will also build confidence. That winning smile on a kid’s face will make parents proud of their sweet little milestones. 


8.  Sensory Learning

Every newbie parent will agree that sensory stimulation is an important aspect of kids' growth and development. Different shapes, colours, and designs help kids in sensory development. 


9.   Social Communication 

Striking a conversation is & will always remain the toughest thing for introverted children and the irony is parents don’t even realize that their kids are introverts. Magnetic toys don’t even give a chance to kids to stay quiet verbally & mentally. It encourages group play and in-process boosts good social behavior and interaction. It leaves children more empathetic and makes them people’s people. At other times, it also gives parents a chance to see their kid’s behavior during group activities and sometimes parents are even amazed to see their kid’s leadership skills which they didn’t realize earlier. 


10.  Creative Learning 

No book can teach about ‘ideas.’ Kids learn on their own and come up with new and original ideas. Magnetic DIY toys and kits work on kids’ creative thinking and abilities. 



The magnetic DIY kits and toys are overloaded with benefits that can change the way kids think and engage. There are many options available in the market like magnetic tiles, blocks, and sticks. To explore the entire range click here