Body Paints | Glowing Paint for Face & Body | Pack of 5 | UV Black Light Reactive | Safe for Kids | For Glow-in-the-Dark Special Effects

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Enjoy being special with these special-effect body paints. Make your role-plays or festivals extra special!

  • Vibrant Colours - Enjoy cream-based shades of Neon, Orange, Purple, Blue, and Yellow.
  • Different Glows - Whether you paint your face or body with different designs, it will glow in the dark, and in dark with UV light, it will give a neon glow.
  • Easily Washable - Whether you apply it with fingers or a paintbrush, you can wash it off easily with water or any other skin-friendly cleanser or soap. You may dry erase it as well.
  • Safe for kids - These are 100% non-toxic and safe for skin.
  • Multi-Use - You may use it for dressing yourself in any theatre play or dance competition. Can be used for a birthday theme party, Halloween, Holi, or any other concert.
  • Patch Test - It is strongly advised to do a small patch test before applying any of the shades directly to the face or body. In case of any allergy immediately wash it off with water or visit your dermatologist.g.


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