About Us

Scoobies was conceived in early 2017.

Lack of exciting unusual stationery and material for hobbies of kids sparked the idea. It was figured that there would be a huge demand for fun, funky, crazy, colorful and cool school stationery products and similar products for hobbies of kids. Thus we came up with a unique concept called Scoobies.

We are creators of incredibly colorful, bright, bold and color coordinated “everything” that goes into your child’s school bag and work station at home and school.

What does Scoobies mean?

We combined the first syllable of “scoo” from the word “school” and joined it with the last syllable of “bies” from the word “Hobbies” to form Scoobies!

The googly eyes were added to our logo just because it looks cute! And why not ….

That was the start of our incredible journey!

Our Products
With over 300 different stationery products, for your kids to choose from, we take immense pride in our fabulous fun collection.

Everything you can dream of - crazy color pencils, glitter bags, pencil cases, pencil holders, dreamy bottles, tote bags for kids, water bottles for boys, color coordinated school bags to match with pencil boxes and snack bags, to matching calculators and mind blowing colorful stationery for kids - Scoobies has it all covered.

We are a one stop shop for birthday return goodie bags, special occasion gifts, stationary requirements, and all that you need.

Boldly designed in Australia. Proudly marketed in India
All our products are designed by our amazingly talented design team in Australia. They bring their unique ideas from a combined life time of experiences, world travel, practical requirements and youthful exuberance of keeping pace with the “insta-gen” i.e. the kids of today!

This perfect combination of bold Australian creativity and global efficiency is adding another dimension to our wonderful story for the Indian market. We are now proudly selling our products in over 200 outlets all over India, including in top retail chains like Crossword, Iconic Kids and Hamleys.

Scoobies is a brand owned by Optimal Digitech Private Limited.